Elena Feijoo's work deals with defining a self within shifting social and cultural contexts, often utilizing performance, installation, sculpture, and video. She holds citizenships in Canada, the United States and the European Union. She received a Bachelors degree in Sculpture from the University of South Florida and her Masters of Fine Arts degree at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Her work has been exhibited in spaces such as SRISA Gallery of Contemporary Art (Florence, Italy), MDW Art Fair, D'CLINIC Studios (Slovenia), Mana Contemporary (Chicago), Roosevelt Gallery (Tampa), and a solo exhibition for William and Nancy Oliver Gallery(Tampa). Elena recently resigned from her position as Gallery Manager at Heaven Gallery in Chicago to work on a project within Western Europe and Iceland and is now living and working in Berlin, Germany.

Drawing from a personal conception of identity within communities, The artist co-opts and re-presents socially constructed roles of gender and culture that are used to connect within differing but often overlapping communities. She re-contextualizes these constructs to discover an alternative to the current status quo. Her relationship to place, culture, land, citizenship, and social politics is mediated through the lens of an insider/foreigner mentality, information and material passing through her body as well as others to create a desired affect of inclusion and exclusion for the viewer. Elena pushes for collaboration between herself, the closest people to her, as well as complete strangers to find borders, resulting in an attempt to break/redefine them. The process and materials used to produce this body of work mirrors the uncomfortableness and unpredictability of its content, but often takes the form of sculpture, installation, performance, or video.