SLADOLED SOCIAL : Elena Feijoo & Eden Mitssenmacher Tordjman
MiXER collaboration project  :  AUGUST 2014

By examining the sweet experience of an ice cream cone, SLADOLED SOCIAL is an attempt for artists Elena Feijoo and Eden Mitssenmacher Tordjman to connect to the local context of Lendava. Coming from different personal and artistic backgrounds, Elena and Eden have come together to create a body of work which seeks to open up questions surrounding accessibility, identity, and gender by utilizing the physical and visual allure of ice cream. Through deconstructing the form, use, and context of this seemingly casual and bubbly subject, they have created a new dialogue through the lens of an all time favorite in the form of installation, performances, photography, video, and painting. 

Elena Feijoo commentary: 

" I see the ice cream as a potential platform to connect with a place and culture so radically different from my own. By inviting people to come share a cone with me, the intimacy becomes established as soon as they begin to eat and my camera turns on. What, at first, is uncomfortable and awkward, becomes comfortable and a safe place to share between eachother. We can proceed from there in an attempt to relate regardless of the barriers provided by language, culture, etc. "